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Per 2017 Indonesia’s total installed car production capacity stands at 2.2 million units per year. Still, there are no major concerns about this situation as domestic car demand has ample room for growth in the decades to come with Indonesia’s per capita car ownership still at a very low level. Indonesia is facing a severe energy issue, particularly in fuel oil for the transportation sector. ITS as a green-university also strives to innovate economic automotive product. ITS’ initiative to create an electric car, GESITS, and Sapu Angin has gained international acknowledgment since these cars won many international competitions.

  • One of the longest-surviving makers, Detroit Electric Car Company, operated on a regular basis through 1929.
  • It is ideal for 3D gesture sensing as well as 2D/3D driver and interior monitoring applications.
  • 79% of automotive organizations consider it important to collect and analyze vehicle data in order to
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