Know The Characters of disposal Of the Marijuana

Addiction to marijuana is the same as addiction to cocaine, alcohol or heroin and other substances that can lead to dependence. Usage usually begins with experiments or trial and error.

With increasing frequency of use, over time more and more of the substances needed to create the effect of euphoria on the active substances contained in cannabis. This will lead to the development of physical tolerance. As a result of the continuous use of cannabis can also lead to psychological and emotional dependence. Physical, emotional and psychological dependence together are then defined as marijuana addiction.
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Causes of Cannabis Addiction
Over the centuries, experts and medical professionals and many researchers around the world have learned about what things can lead to addiction to cannabis. But no one can definitively determine what causes a person to be addicted to marijuana. Nevertheless, there are certain factors that are then known to contribute or may accelerate the occurrence of addiction to a person. For example, for those who already have a genetic predisposition or already have “talent addiction” will be more likely to become addicted to marijuana although in a relatively short consumption time.

It also happens to those who have psychological problems such as depression or anxiety, it will be more vulnerable and easier to be addicted.