Parents Must Know the Characteristics of Little Teething

Xabiru’s name is the first son of Rachel Vennya’s partner and Nico Al-Hakim is familiar and always awaited development. Xabiru, who is often called Cimol, does have behavior, so many people are looking forward to the latest news from him.
The age of Xabiru that wants to enter 10 months makes a lot of changes that occur, one of which is tooth growth. Some Xabiru teeth have started to grow one by one at the top and bottom.
Some time ago, Rachel Ven uploaded Xabiru’s photo with her new teeth. Lots of warganet feel very anxious to see Xabiru’s portrait with his teeth.
Here are some portraits of Xabiru’s new teeth and some information about dental growth in the little one that I have summarized.

1. Providing soft food when the child is teething

The food given by Rachel Ven to Xabiru is correct because it is tricked by softening it. Foods that can be given by children who are beginning to grow their teeth can be soft foods such as porridge, fruit or vegetables that are steamed and then crushed to make it smoother.
At least the food provided does not make the little one fussy because he is not used to chewing using teeth. Ideally, the food provided can be easily chewed and swallowed.
Also use a spoon made of rubber when feeding your child, he will like to bite the spoon while growing teeth.

2. Signs of children who want to grow teeth

The little one is certainly unable to speak to convey his complaints, including when feeling sick because his first teeth are growing.
Your sensitivity is tested here because you have to be able to read the signs of the little one who is teething. Note some of these signs, such as:

  • More fussy because the gums hurt.
  • It often wakes up at night and is difficult to get back to sleep.
  • Have a high fever a few days due to inflammation of the gums.
  • The part of the gums is red and swollen, so the little one’s appetite decreases.
  • There is a rash on the chin or face. This is because a lot of saliva is released.
  • You often see your little one groping your gums, biting or sucking your own hands. Not only hands, other objects can also be the target of the bite to vent the pain that is being felt.

Yuk Ma, start to recognize the signs!

3. How to reduce pain when the child begins to grow teeth

It’s not easy to try to calm your little one when he feels pain in the area of ​​the tooth that has just grown. New teething in adults will only hurt, not to mention if this happens to the little one.
The appearance of the first tooth will be the first experience that will hurt. As a parent, you certainly will not have the heart when the little one starts crying when his teeth grow.
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