Cannabinoid on the Court: 4 ways CBD & CBG aid athletic performance and recovery

To train like an Olympic athlete, you may need a performance-enhancing drug. Just not the one you may think. Heading into Tokyo 2020, the Olympic Committee and the World Anti-Doping Agency removed CBD from its banned substances list. Although this is newsworthy for the world’s top athletes, the average weekend warrior and gym rat already knows the advantages of CBD.

Research has concluded that CBD supplements are beneficial to the body and mind. When combined with CBG capsules or another cannabinoid, the results are amplified. Backed by science, CBD adds value to any training routine. Just look at the four key benefits listed below.

Train harder

The physical reward is almost instant. CBD enables you to reach your fitness goals and stay in better shape by allowing you to train more intensely. “Runner’s high” is the feeling of bliss and euphoria produced by the body during exercise. CBD prolongs this state by blocking internal receptors.

Recover quicker

After a workout, CBD assists in recovery. Inflammation and soreness are reduced by activating the endocannabinoid and immune systems in the body. Cannabigerol, which is known as CBG, is more powerful since it’s the parent molecule of synthesized cannabinoids. Pairing CBG capsules with other CBD products can return you to peak performance faster.

Eases mind

CBD aids mental performance as well. It lowers cortisol, which the body naturally releases during intense or stressful situations. Prolonged, elevated cortisol levels trigger major health risks. CBD minimizes this altogether.

Improves sleep

Using CBD as a sleep aid is increasingly common and well-documented. It’s especially important for muscle growth and recovery too. The body builds human growth hormone (HGH) during resting hours. Less HGH results in poorer athletic performance. Additionally, inadequate sleep brings an increased chance of injury.