Does a good alimentation increase your lifetime?

Alimentation is the act of providing your body with a steady source of nourishment or any other necessities that improve your life.

People have believed for a long time that life expectancy normally is hugely determined by genetics.

However, this is not entirely true. Genes play a small minor role that has no major significance in helping people live longer compared to environmental factors.

These environmental factors range from lifestyle to diet.

Let us take a look at some of these habits that are seen as alimentative and if they do increase people’s ability to live longer.

Here we go…

Avoid Overeating.

Calorie consumption among human beings has brought about an interesting discussion concerning the longevity of life.

Studies carried out on animals have shown that a 10{0718025f562a252cb449952c3fb4bf2608fbaaa4f79cce88f0dbf8c98c54e53e} to 50{0718025f562a252cb449952c3fb4bf2608fbaaa4f79cce88f0dbf8c98c54e53e} reduction of normal calorie intake helps in increasing the animals’ lifespan.

Similar studies on the human population have been keen on the link between calorie intake and life expectancy.

Results have proved that low-calorie intake that is achieved by eating the recommended amount of food is more likely to reduce the number of diseases in human beings increasing life expectancy.

Even more, calories restriction can also aid in reducing excess body fat which is closely related to shorter lifespans.

On the other hand, long-term calorie restriction is known to have some side effects such as hunger, low sex drive, and low body temperature.

Calorie restrictions have both good and bad results.

Whether it extends or improves human beings’ life span is not yet clearly proven.

This is why it is recommended to see healthy diet services to find the best services for you and get further insight on healthy practices.

Read through people’s reviews and determine what type of services worked best for them, whether it is working with a nutritionist or getting a diet plan with calorie restrictions, whatever might work for you.

Eating Healthy plant foods.

Dieticians for a long time have exclaimed that human beings are better equipped to consume and digest plants or plant-based meals.

Plant-based meals such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, and seeds are said to go a long way in decreasing the risk of catching diseases which in turn promote longevity of life.

Plant foods are known to obtain important nutrients and antioxidants such as vitamin C, polyphenols, folates, and even polyphenols that are present in wine.

Wine is one of the most consumed types of drinks especially in the European countries, it is important to get one that has high levels of polyphenols.

You may have a look at Giordano wines reviews and read through the people’s comments to determine what type of wine is loaded with polyphenols.

These nutrients are said to lower risks of premature death as well as lowering the risk of conditions that include; cancer, heart-related diseases, depression, brain-related diseases, and even metabolic syndromes.

Studies have also noticed that vegetarian and vegan diets are closely linked to high life expectancy.

This is because these diets are plant-based and rich in nutrients that consequently lead to a 12 to 15{0718025f562a252cb449952c3fb4bf2608fbaaa4f79cce88f0dbf8c98c54e53e} reduced risk of premature deaths.

Similar studies have also uncovered that rich plant-based diets reduce the risk of occurrences of kidney-related complications and hormone-related diseases by almost 29 to 52{0718025f562a252cb449952c3fb4bf2608fbaaa4f79cce88f0dbf8c98c54e53e}.

Overall, eating plant-based meals will without a doubt benefit your health and resultantly bring about the longevity of life.

Physical Activities.

It is no surprise that indulging in physical activities is healthy and helps our bodies in fighting away diseases.

It is said that a simple 15-minute exercise routine every single day could add a total of 3 years into your life.

While an additional 15 minutes of physical exercise can help you reduce the risk of premature death by 4{0718025f562a252cb449952c3fb4bf2608fbaaa4f79cce88f0dbf8c98c54e53e}.

A recommended number of hours is recommended for exercise. Researchers have recommended a 150 minutes exercise every single week for everyone.

The same researchers did a study and out of their observations, they reviewed that individuals who worked out for a while just below the recommended 150 minutes time mark were less likely to experience premature death by 22{0718025f562a252cb449952c3fb4bf2608fbaaa4f79cce88f0dbf8c98c54e53e}.

Those who attained the 150 minutes mark per week were said to be less likely to die early by 28{0718025f562a252cb449952c3fb4bf2608fbaaa4f79cce88f0dbf8c98c54e53e} compared to individuals that do not work out at all.

All in all, regular workout sessions will for sure increase your life expectancy by helping you fight different diseases and keeping you healthy and strong at all times.


So, does good alimentation increase your lifetime? Yes, it does!

Observing what you eat and staying active by partaking in regular physical activities will without a doubt increase your life expectancy.

However, you also need to be aware of dangerous practices that you might be indulging in that take back all the benefits you gain from eating well and exercising.

These practices include; smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, and chronic stress and anxiety.

Make sure you avoid these practices and take part in the healthy activities we have discussed.