Effectively tackling hair loss

Hair loss is a very underestimated problem. Whoever has to deal with it, is confronted with a real impact on self-confidence. Especially for people at a younger age, this can cause a certain form of shame, as people prefer not to mingle with people and try to cover their heads as much as possible. More people than you think have to deal with thinning of the hair or the formation of bald spots. In the search for solutions, we would like to take a closer look at the DHI hair transplant.

The causes of hair loss

It is often difficult to pinpoint a direct cause for hair loss, precisely because so many things can be at the root of it. Medically, certain illnesses such as thyroid disease can cause hair loss, as can taking medications and undergoing chemotherapy. However, the cause can also be found on a mental level. Traumatic events and extreme stress can also contribute to hair loss. It is therefore a good idea to always consult a doctor first so that any underlying causes can be taken care of.

The DHI hair transplant

Hair transplants are being performed more and more often and with good results. Thanks to this treatment, not only the hair loss itself is tackled, it is also a boost for self-confidence and self-image. Perhaps the question then spontaneously arises as to how such a transplant works and what results you can expect from it.

DHI, which is offered by hair transplant Turkey, for example, is a method that is becoming more and more popular. With the help of special equipment, hair follicles are harvested and implanted in the bald areas of the scalp without incisions having to be made.

The benefits of this treatment

As we mentioned earlier, these methods do not require any incisions to be made, resulting in significantly faster recovery. In contrast, with classic transplants small holes are drilled for implantation, which increases the risk of bleeding. For the treatment itself, with the DHI method only the area where the implant is to be performed must be shaved, which makes it a lot easier psychologically.

Because we want to give you a complete picture, we would like to point out that a DHI treatment is more expensive than a classic transplant. The reason for this can be found in the intensity of the treatment and the natural result you get in return.