How Drug Alcohol Detox Center Differs from a Sobriety Home?

Have you heard about the term drug alcohol detox center? These are centers which provide you with holistic care for addiction. Any individual who is addicted to alcohol or other drugs will require specialized care and these institutions provide the same. There is a common misconception that rehabs, detox centers and sober homes are all the same. The truth is these are not. While all of these provide you with one or the other form of care for you to come out of addiction, there is a sea of difference in these centers. For instance, rehabs provide therapies that help you to come out of addiction with the usage of psycho-somatic inputs. A detox center helps you medically to come out of addiction and cleanses your body from the addictive substances. The sober homes are facilities from where you can work on yourself.

Detox is an Important Process in Recovery from Addiction

A good alcohol detox center will help you to come out of the addiction. It starts the treatment by removing all the addictive substances from your body. This way, your body will be free from the influence of alcohol and drugs. All that you have to do is to join the center and follow the directions. Detox is an essential process for a good recovery. Without this, you have a high probability of relapsing into the addiction.

At the same time, a sober home doesn’t provide these kinds of support. You get a positive environment for you to work on your confidence and get support from people who are like-minded.

Clinically Monitored Detox Process Involves Usage of Medicines

An Alcohol Detox Austin Texas center will help you in the clinically monitored detox process. It is necessary to have medical supervision during detox as this phase of the addiction treatment is a highly volatile one. Withdrawal from the alcohol and other drugs will cause shock to your body. This can result in a number of unwanted effects on the body like vomiting, sweats, nausea, loss of weight, lack of sleep, irritability and other issues. 

A sober home is not equipped to deal with this chaotic phase in the recovery. It is better suited for maintaining the hard earned sobriety by focusing on yourself.

Detox is a Period That Requires Medical Support

Since you remove the drugs that were in your system during the detox, you will need to seek medical support. This is possible in a detox center and not in a sober home. While sober homes do have options to give you urgent care in times of emergency they are not equipped to deal with this regular requirement. 

Finally and most importantly a detox center is required during the early phase of your journey to complete sobriety. You will need medical supervision, medicines to cope up with the change in the body and other side effects. A sober home is one that gives you a neutral but supportive environment that prevents you from falling back into a relapse.