Tabletop Blood Tube Sealer: What are the Benefits of Using One

A blood tube sealer is used to secure the blood bags, infusion bags, blood collection tubes, urine bags, and other PVC medical grade tubings to prevent leakage and hemolysis. It is also widely used in reference and component laboratories like hospitals, biological industries, and blood banks for large scale and leakage-free sealing of blood bag tubes.

There are several types of blood tube sealers available—there’s benchtop blood tube sealers with single clamps as well as benchtop blood tube sealers with multi-clamps. There are also portable blood tube sealers available. Some blood tube sealers also come with high-frequency dielectric heating systems that are used to seal the blood bag tube.

Benefits of Using Benchtop/Table Top Blood Tube Sealers

Benchtop blood tube sealers are ideal for heavy-duty use. While it’s not as mobile as the portable blood tube sealer, benchtop blood tube sealers are considered more dependable in terms of performance.

When picking a blood tube sealer, it is ideal to go for one that’s capable of delivering the most efficient performance matched by an affordable price tag. The Hettich team has teamed up with respected blood solutions experts to create innovative products.

Hettich’s benchtop tube sealer is an outstanding segmenting and standalone tube sealer. It also offers unmatched ease and flexibility as it comes  with a sealing handle that can be easily attached.

Hettich’s benchtop tube sealer also has a remarkably low hemolysis figure but very fast sealing time (less than 3 seconds), making it the perfect assistant in collection systems and blood donation.