The 5 Best Nutrition Apps

A new year nudges you to do something new, or different, pick a new habit or drop a bad habit. For most people around the globe, getting fit is on top of their New Year resolutions; this often means changing eating habits and picking the good over the bad habits. Unfortunately, the best intentions don’t always win, unless you pull one last string – technology. Technological advancements are changing the way we are doing different things, and one of the areas of your life is incorporating technology in achieving your nutrition for fitness.
As a busy professional in one of the best PR agencies in Toronto, read busiest, you will need these apps easily downloadable on your smartphone. Note that these apps won’t just list what you shouldn’t eat but some of the will help you find the best food in the grocery store or track your daily intake to keep you healthy and for you to meet your fitness goals faster. The apps include:

  1. Carbs Control

Tracking your caloric intake helps you know if you are making progress. As the name suggests, this app is effective in carbs control making it an invaluable tool for managing your blood sugar levels and also controlling your general carbohydrates intake.
Carb control gives insights into your percentage of daily caloric intake from carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. This app also allows customization of goals and the breakdown of your carbohydrate allowance per meal/ snack, helping you meet your targets.
Availability: iPhone and Android

  1. Food Intolerance

If you have food sensitivities, or a member of your household has food allergies, then you understandably dislike grocery shopping. But, you shouldn’t worry anymore thanks to Food Intolerance.
This app simplifies shopping by letting you look up the foods you or your loved one can eat. With this app, you will know the best foods for lactose intolerance, gluten sensitivity, and the high FODMAP foods.
That’s not all; this app also lets you explore the different food categories, to get a breakdown of foods and how they may affect your allergies or sensitivities. You just need to set a filter to create the right list.
Availability: Android and iPhone

  1. Waterlogged

You need to stay hydrated to stay healthy since every part of your body requires water – plasma makes up 55 percent of your blood volume, and it is 90 percent water. As a result, you should stay hydrated – but, are you drinking enough water?
To ensure that you log your water intake and you drink enough water, make this app your best friend. Waterlogged comes with invaluable reminders which will help you track your water intake. To use it, take a photo of your water before you start drinking, and the save photos of your most common glasses. With the created bottle graphic, you will check your water intake easily.
Availability: iPhone and Android

  1. My FitnessPal

This is the ideal app for anyone planning to count calories since you can save all your favorites in the app rather than search for the foods regularly. It is one of the largest food databases that will give you a quick guide for what you are looking for and then you can add it on to your daily tally.
You will also like the fact that the app allows importation of recipes so that you get a full nutritional breakdown of every home-cooked meal.
Availability: Android and iPhone

  1. HealthyOut

Eating out is the biggest enemy to healthy eating because you have a higher propensity of giving healthy food a pass. But, this doesn’t mean that you cannot eat healthy food when in a restaurant because there are several restaurants whose menus encourage healthy eating plans. You just need to find these restaurants using HealthyOut.
This app gives you access to the menus of local restaurants, and it also matches items on the menus to your dietary specifications. You will like the app because it has a large database of restaurants.
Availability: Android and iPhones
Other apps include Nutrients, Shopwell, Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker, and Fitocracy Macros.