The consequences of not buying quality cleaning products for your hair. Customers reviews tell us

Healthy and well-groomed hair always turn heads. Sometimes, for economic reasons, we are limited to buying the hair products that are at the most accessible price, but this saving in money can have consequences on our hair in the long term. Many experts assure that the quality and cost of this class of products go hand in hand. This is why today we want to talk to you about the consequences of using low-cost hair products and give you some tips that will help you with your hair care in this 2020.

Be careful with hair care products that are suspiciously cheap in some online stores

You have to be very cautious with products that are cheaper than normal, especially when it comes to well-known brands at suspiciously low prices. Phoebe Farrelly is a woman who had a very bad experience once she bought hair straighteners online that were cheaper than usual. The first time she used them, they blew up in her hand! When Phoebe contacted the company that distributes these products, the company apologized and carried out the pertinent investigations. When reviewing the serial number of the straightening plates, the company realized that there were several reports from customers complaining about that serial number. The hair straighteners were fake. Just as it happened to Phoebe with those hair straighteners, it happens to hundreds of people with her hair, skincare, and beauty products. Many of these fake products are contaminated and pose a high health risk.

To avoid this type of negative experience, it is advisable to buy in reputable online stores that guarantee the quality and legitimacy of their products. This is why we invite you to learn about HQ Hair products. HQ Hair is a quite reputable website that has an extensive catalog of high-quality legitimate products that will help you to have healthy and dazzling hair.

Cheapest Shampoos vs Expensive shampoos. What is the difference?

According to hair care experts, there is a difference between using an inexpensive shampoo from the supermarket and using a more expensive and recognized brand shampoo. This difference is because the cheaper shampoos generally act simply as detergents that remove oil from the hair. On the other hand, the most expensive shampoos usually include ingredients that, in addition to cleaning the hair, condition, strengthen, and fill it with vitality from the roots to the ends. These conditioning agents are the ones that fundamentally make the difference in price. Experts like Jane Davies, a consultant trichologist in Perth, WA, and Rodney Sinclair, professor of dermatology at the University of Melbourne, consider that the most important thing to take into account when buying a hair product is choosing a suitable product for our hair type.

I can’t spend money on overpriced shampoos but I want to buy quality hair products. What I can do?

There are certain products from excellent brands that you can buy at a more supportive price. Some of the higher quality and lower priced shampoos that have more fans in the UK are Asda Anti-Dandruff Shampoo Classic Fragrance, Herbal Essences Shampoo Bee Strong, and the Alberto Balsam Tea Tree Tingle Shampoo.

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